A museum-trained professional, Annabelle Larner brings her expertise to creating solutions for the lifelong care of art collections, photographs, and heirlooms for families, museums, and institutions. These objects represent our stories, families, and history. Trust them with a professional.

Annabelle has worked as museum registrar at The Frye Art Museum in Seattle, at Independent Curators International in New York, and at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, where she was responsible for the care, storage, transport, restoration, preservation, and installation of a broad range of artwork. She has personally cared for hand-written letters by Napoleon, 19th century French gilded-framed oil paintings, glass vessels by Dale Chihuly, sculptures by contemporary bad-boy artist Damien Hirst, and photographs by artists ranging from Imogen Cunningham to Robert Mapplethorpe.  

archival conservation materials and preserved Polaroid from the 1970s


" I think I appreciate most of all Annabelle's genuine enjoyment of, and respect for, materials that someone else might have dismissed as trivial. She handled the project with all of the skill and care she gave, in a former life, to museum-quality artifacts."  - M.P. 

“Annabelle took several boxes of family photos and a file of miscellaneous family tree information and turned it into an incredible keepsake. When I presented it to my mom as a gift she was moved to tears. She helped me organize, digitize, and archive all my old photos. Annabelle has a fantastic eye for visual composition and the attention to detail of a true historian. She made the whole process easy and took great care to help me figure out what I wanted. The final product is something I know I will treasure. She exceeded my expectations in every way.” - M.S.