Feb 16, 2014

Mammoth tusk unearthed in Seattle!

Mammoth tusk unearthed in Seattle!

It's always so wonderful when a public museum benefits from a private developer. This week a many thousand-year old Columbian Mammoth tusk was unearthed from a construction site while they were digging to prepare the ground for a large-scale apartment complex in the South Lake Union neighborhood in Seattle. The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture was contacted and their paleontologists went over to prepare the tusk for transport to the museum, where it will eventually be on display. Way to go private developers! Now, what to name the mammoth?

Photograph by Christian Sidor, courtesy Burke Museum

Burke Museum Paleontology Lab Manager Bruce Crowley uses an awl to carefully remove sediment from around the tusk. When fully exposed, the tusk measured 8.5 feet long.