Apr 10, 2013

The Stories That Bind Us - wonderful article in the NY Times

Family narratives and traditions matter - making us part of a bigger family and over all healthier people.

My grandmother and great grandmother hoooking rugs together



Mar 28, 2013

Photography and the American Civil War. What daguerreotypes and tintypes are in your collections?

Photography was a brand new method of documentation during the Civil War, yet today these images are still fresh, and quite poignant. Daguerreotypes, tintypes, and other methods of capturing images were used in this amazing exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.



Mar 25, 2013

Our stories matter! 75 years of diaries read to wife with dementia

Photo by Good Morning America/Casey Gutteridge/SWNS.com


Mar 15, 2013

Women who dressed and served as men in the Civil War

Beautiful carte de visites found in new book They Fought Like Demons: Women Soldiers in the Civil War by DeAnne Blanton and Lauren M. Cook.

With thanks to My Daguerreotype Boyfriend for images, and to Brain Pickings for their book posting


Mar 12, 2013


In the 1970s the EPA hired photographers to document America - wonderful array of who we were and what we were doing - on display at the National Archives in D.C.

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Dec 3, 2012

Marching bands and squirrel hair

Tools of the trade: white gloves - sometimes I order them from a marching-band company, because they make such great cotton gloves! And extremely soft, delicate brushes made of super fine squirrel hair are also used to remove dust and debris from surfaces. I got mine years ago when I was doing decorative painting, to dust off gold leaf after applying it to ceilings.

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